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Turkey: Further information on hunger-strike: political prisoners in some 41 Turkish prisons

, Index number: EUR 44/115/1996

The "fast to death" and hunger-strike in Turkish prisons ended on the 69th day after 12 prisoners had died: Aygun Ugur, aged 25, Altan Berdan Kerimgiller, 28, Ilginc Ozkeskin, 35, Huseyin Demircioglu, 36, Ali Ayata, 32, Mujdat Yanat, 32, Tahsin Yilmaz, 35, Ayce Idil Erkmen (f) 26, Ulas Hicabi Kucuk, 24, Yemliha Kaya (f), 28, Osman Akgun, 32 and Hayati Can, 25. The hunger-strike was called off shortly after Sevket Kazan, Justice Minister, finally accepted the prisoners' key demands. These included that prisoners should not be ill-treated during transfers to and from court or hospital; that relatives who visited them should not be ill-treated and that the remand prisoners should not be dispersed.

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