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UA 342/92 - Turkey: fear of "disappearance" / torture: Tugrul Ozbek

, Index number: EUR 44/115/1992

Tugrul Ozbek has not been seen since he was reportedly detained by the police on 10 October 1992 and held unregistered and unacknowledged at Istanbul Police Headquarters. The newspaper Gunaydin apparently reported on 13 October that a man named Ertugrul Ozbek had been detained following a police raid on a "safe house" of the guerrilla organization Devrimci Sol. Three people detained subsequently have given testimonies which suggests that Turgut Ozbek had been detained and held at the Anti-Terror Branch of Istanbul Police Headquarters. His mother has also made a press statement affirming her conviction that her son is being held by the police. However, the police continue to deny holding him. AI fears that he may be subjected to torture in unacknowledged detention.

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