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UA 386/93 - Turkey: fear of torture / fear of "disappearance": Olcay Kanlibas

, Index number: EUR 44/100/1993

Olcay Kanlibas, a nurse aged 23, was detained on 27 October 1993 at the State Hospital in Diyarbakir, where she works, by two plainclothes policemen. They gave no reason for her detention. Later that day police searched her home, and took away books and photographs, but denied any knowledge of her detention. That same night, an entry was made in the hospital's register that she had been admitted to the casualty ward, but there is no indication as to what treatment, if any, she received. In spite of this evidence, and petitions by her sister and the hospital, the authorities continue to deny her detention. There is serious concern for her safety.

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