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UA 342/94 - Turkey: fear of torture: Musa Ulusoylu, Ozer Akdemir, Mehmet Ali Gurel, Aysenur Ilkiz, Devrim Osman Celebioglu, Mujdat Yilmaz, Emine Ogun Yilmaz

, Index number: EUR 44/099/1994

On 11 September 1994 Musa Ulusoylu, an official of the public workers' union Tum-Maliye-Sen, was detained in Ankara. The next day the other six people were also detained, and the house of Mujdat and Emine Yilmaz was sealed by police. They are being held incommunicado at the Anti-Terror Branch of Ankara Police Headquarters reportedly until 26 September and there are fears they may be interrogated under torture. Emine Yilmaz, who was recently diagnosed as having thyroid cancer, has been allowed to see her mother.

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