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EXTRA 90/93 - Turkey: fear of torture: Mehmet Caki, Ali Kuran

, Index number: EUR 44/098/1993

In the early hours of 20 October 1993, officers of the Anti-Terror Branch of Sanliurfa police detained Mehmet Caki, his wife Saime, and their baby daughter, together with Mehmet Delen, a visitor to their house in Viransehir. Mehmet Caki is a board member of the Democracy Party (DEP) in Viransehir. The following day Mehmet Delen and Saime Caki were released. They reported that Mehmet Caki had been tortured. Two other detainees who have since been released also reported seeing Mehmet Caki at the police headquarters. His face was swollen, he had marks on his hands and face, and appeared to be exhausted. Ali Kuran, the secretary of the DEP in Varansehir was detained on 24 October.

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