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UA 329/94 - Turkey: fear of torture / "disappearance": Dr Mustafa Ersoz, Fevzi Ersoz, Hikmet Senol

, Index number: EUR 44/093/1994

Dr Mustafa Ersoz, Fevzi Ersoz and Hikmet Senol "disappeared" after being detained on 5 September 1994 after travelling to Lice to retrieve the bodies of relatives killed in clashes between PKK militants and the security forces. On 7 September the Diyarbakir Provincial Governor responded to inquiries from the Turkish Human Rights Association, saying that all three men were held at the Diyarbakir Regimental Gendarmerie Headquarters and would remain in detention for 30 days. However, the Gendarmerie Headquarters and the Prosecutor at Diyarbakir State Security Court have both denied any knowledge of their custody. There are fears for their safety.

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