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Further information on UA 149/92 (EUR 44/44/92, 8 May and follow-up EUR 44/88/92, 11 September) - Turkey: death threats / fear of extrajudicial execution: Leyla Zana, Sedat Yurtdas, Hatip Dicle, Zubeyir Aydar, Dogu Perincek, Yalcin Kucuk, Musa Anter, Mahm

, Index number: EUR 44/092/1992

Musa Anter, a prominent Kurdish writer, journalist and founding member of the People's Labour Party, was shot on 20 September at about 8.30pm during a visit to Diyarbakir. According to reports, a Kurdish-speaking man lured Musa Anter an his relative, Orhan Miroglu, to a quarter on the outskirts of the city; he then shot the two men with an automatic pistol. Musa Anter, aged 74, died on the way to hospital; Orhan Miroglu was seriously wounded. Three journalists who went to investigate the shooting were reportedly abducted by people claiming to be police officers. The journalists were beaten and released several hours later. Musa Anter was one of 28 mostly Kurdish people threatened with death in a leaflet circulated earlier this year. He is the first of them to be killed.

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