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EXTRA 84/93 - Turkey: fear of torture: Nilufer Koc

, Index number: EUR 44/090/1993

On 29 September Nilufer Koc and four colleagues from an information service in Bremen, were arrested by security forces in Uludere, Sirnak province. Nilufer Koc, a Kurdish interpreter and student, who has lived in Germany for 20 years and has permanent residency there, had travelled with the group to act as an interpreter while they carried out research in the Southeastern provinces. Her colleagues were subsequently released. It is understood that she is being held incommunicado at the Gendarmerie Headquarters in Sirnak and that the local prosecutor has given permission for her to be detained for questioning for 15 days. Under emergency law her period of detention may be extended to 30 days. There are fears that she may be tortured whilst in incommunicado detention.

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