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Further information on EXTRA 71/92 (EUR 44/79/92, 24 August) - Turkey: fear of torture: Fatma Gulten Sesen, Sultan Celik, Ufuk Demirkaya, Solmaz Tartar, Sirin Celik, Gulay Tan, Turan (surname unknown), Yasar Guzel, Ayten Celik

, Index number: EUR 44/087/1992

All of the above-named detainees were released on 30 August 1992 by Adana prosecutor's office. All have reported that they were tortured in police custody. The methods used included hanging by the wrists or arms, electric shocks, falaka (beating on the soles of the feet) and being laid on blocks of ice. Gulay Tan, who is pregnant, also reports having been beaten.

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