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UA 332/93 - Turkey: fear of torture / extrajudicial execution: Families of: Daho Altunkaynak, Gevriye Altunkaynak, Hobel Altun, Sabo Ayyildiz, Aziz Dayan, Yahko Dayan, Tuma Dogan, Maravge Dogdu, Hanno Dogdu, Gevriye Gogce, Gabro Gogce, Nuri Kaplan, Hatune

, Index number: EUR 44/085/1993

According to reports, a group of 20 to 25 armed and disguised men, reportedly village guards, regularly congregate in the village of Gunyordu, Mardin province to intimidate and terrorize the 13 Assyrian Christian families still living there. It is alleged that they hinder all contact between the families and prevent them going to church. This harassment has apparently been continuing for some months, but has recently intensified. The purpose appears to be to drive the families away so that their land can be taken over by their Kurdish-Muslim neighbours. Villagers allege that they have received no protection from the authorities.

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