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Further information on UA 149/92 (EUR 44/44/92, 8 May; and follow-ups EUR 44/88/92, 11 September; EUR 44/92/92, 22 September and EUR 44/82/93, 7 September) - Turkey: death threats / fear of extrajudicial execution / fear for safety: Leyla Zana, Sedat Yurt

, Index number: EUR 44/084/1993

On the night of 10 September a bomb attack was carried out on the family home of Mehmet Sincar in Kiziltepe, the MP murdered on 4 September. Five adults and a child aged 2 were injured, the child and one woman seriously. 16 Democracy Party (DEP) MPs had come from Ankara to pay their condolences (a 17th, Mizamettin Togus, was still in hospital, injured in the same gun attack which killed Mehmet Sincar). Leyla Zana stayed with the family that night, and it appears that she was the target of the bomb. She escaped unharmed, but there is now extreme concern for the safety of the 17 DEP MPs, and in particular Leyla Zana.

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