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Further information on UA 266/93 (EUR 44/78/93, 10 August) - Turkey: fear of "disappearance": Aysel Malkac

, Index number: EUR 44/080/1993

There is still no news concerning Aysel Malkac, the 22-year-old journalist with the Kurdish newspaper, Ozgur Gundem, who "disappeared" in Istanbul on 7 August 1993. All efforts to establish her whereabouts have proved unsuccessful. Reportedly, eye-witnesses claim to have seen her being detained in the street by plainclothes police officers, but are too afraid to testify publicly. Detainees held on suspicion of political offences may be held for a maximum of 15 days without charge. However, Istanbul police authorities deny they are holding her, and it is now 20 days since she went missing. Following the death of yet another Ozgur Gundem journalist, Ferhat Tepe, there are grave fears for her safety.

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