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UA 266/93 - Turkey: fear of "disappearance": Aysel Malkac

, Index number: EUR 44/078/1993

Aysel Malkac, a journalist with Ozgur Gundem, went missing in Istanbul on 7 August 1993 and it is feared she may have been abducted by government agents. She was last seen leaving the main office of the Kurdish-owned newspaper on the morning of 7 August, which for about a week had been under heavy surveillance by the police. It is probable that she was followed by a police office, but no witnesses have come forward, and there is no information on her current whereabouts. There is grave fear for her safety since another Ozgur Gundem journalist, Ferhat Tepe, was found dead in Elazig, following his abduction in Bitlis on 28 July. Circumstantial evidence in his case appears to indicate that government forces were involved in his abduction and murder.

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