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Further information on EXTRA 36/94 (EUR 44/53/94, 11 July; and follow-ups EUR 44/55/94, 13 July and EUR 44/59/94, 14 July) - Turkey: fear of torture / health concern: Recep Marasli, Nurcan Balci, Nuran Camli, Murat Satik, Fahriye Satik, Orhan Ates, Ergul

, Index number: EUR 44/070/1994

Recep Marasli, Ergul Kiyak and Yuksel Bekiroglu (not named in the original UA) were formally arrested and committed to Sagmalcilar prison in Istanbul on 21 July 1994. They were reportedly in poor health as a result of torture. Nurcan Balci and Nuran Camli were released.

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