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UA 221/93 - Turkey: prisoner of conscience / degrading treatment: Huseyin Kuskaya, Cem Ozipek, Onur Sarvaut, and 28 conference delegates from abroad

, Index number: EUR 44/065/1993

The first Congress of Homosexual Solidarity was to be held in Istanbul during the weekend 2-6 July 1993, but was reportedly banned at the last minute by the Governor of Istanbul, despite initial permission from the Interior Ministry. On 3 July delegates decided to hold a press conference in protest at the ban. The three gay rights activists named above were detained before the press conference, and the other delegates were detained either on their way to it, or at their hotel. In custody police attempted to force the foreign delegates to submit to strip searches and blood tests, before eventually deporting them to Germany. Two of the Turkish activists, Huseyin Kuskaya and Onur Sarvaut have now been released, but Cem Ozipek continues to be held in police custody

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