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Further information on EXTRA 38/93 (EUR 44/40/93, 21 April) - Turkey: fear of torture: Nuray Akyurek, Bilgin Cengiz, Gulcan Yavuz, Tulay Cakmak, Zeynep Erdogan, Eylem Kaya, Ihsan Cibelik, Necati Erbasan, Bulent Bagci, Sahin Satici, Sevim Fidan, Tulay Genc

, Index number: EUR 44/056/1993

On 2 May 1993 those named above were formally arrested by Ankara State Security Court and commited to prison to await trial on charges of membership of the illegal armed organization Devrimci Sol (Revolutionary Left). All the others were released, either on 1 or 2 May. Sahin Satici had his detention period extended by a further 15 days before being released by Urfa state prosecutor after a total of 23 days in police custody. Seven of the detainees released have given written testimony describing their treatment in custody. Excerpts from the statements of six of those alleging torture (Tulay Gencay, Polat Han, Gulcan Yavuz, Irfan Ortakci, Tulay Cakmak and Eylem Kaya) are included.

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