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TURKRAN 09/92: Turkey: Sevki Akinci - boy aged 16 tortured by burning

, Index number: EUR 44/054/1992

This document describes an incident reported in the Turkish press on 19 April 1992 which took place in Tanyeri (Kurdish: Rower) village, near the Syrian border. According to this report, soldiers arrived in the village on the afternoon of 9 April 1992 and ordered the villagers to hand over their guns. One villager, Nazim Akinci, was reportedly beaten and the soldiers claimed that he had told them that the villagers kept guns in their houses. When the villagers insisted that they had no guns, the soldiers allegedly tortured them, killing their animals and destroying homes and foodstuffs. During this operation Sevki Akinci, 16, was beaten and repeatedly held naked on the embers of a fire; he was reportedly left for dead. Another man, Hamza Akinci, suffered similar treatment.

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