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Turkey: Further information on prisoner of conscience / fear of torture / fear for safety: Ali Ekber Kaya, Eren Keskin (f), Mercan Guclu (f), Ercan Kanar, Cigdem Kaya (f), Huseyin Dagdeviren, Fidan Guler (f), Huseyin Guler

, Index number: EUR 44/049/1995

Ekber Kaya and Huseyin Dagdeviren appeared in court on 3 April 1995 and were formally charged. They have been committed to Tunceli closed prison. Cigdem Kaya, Fidan Guler and Huseyin Guler have reportedly been released. No further information on their treatment in detention is available at present.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: EUR 44/49/95
Distr: UA/SC
6 April 1995
Further information on UA 81/95 (EUR 44/44/95, 28 March 1995) and follow-up
(EUR 44/47/95, 31 March) - Prisoner of conscience / Fear of torture / Fear
for safety
TURKEYAli Ekber Kaya, President of the Tunceli Human Rights Association (HRA)
Eren Keskin (f), lawyer and member of Istanbul HRA
Mercan Güçlü (f), lawyer and member of Istanbul HRA
Ercan Kanar, Deputy Chairman of Istanbul HRA
Çi_dem Kaya (f) aged 18
Hüseyin Da_deviren, aged 30
Fidan Güler (f), health worker
Hüseyin Güler
Amnesty International has learned that on 3 April 1995, Ekber Kaya and Hüseyin
Da_deviren appeared in court and have now been formally charged. They have
been committed to Tunceli Closed Prison. Please continue action on their behalf
as requested in the update to this Urgent Action, EUR 44/47/95, issued on 31
March 1995.
According to reports, Çi_dem Kaya, Fidan Güler and Hüseyin Güler have been
released from police custody. No further details on their treatment in detention
are available at this moment. No further action is required on their behalf.
Thank you for all your letters and messages.
Please also discontinue appeals for the moment on behalf of Eren Keskin, Mercan
Güçlü or Ercan Kanar. Amnesty International continues to investigate their

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