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Further information on EXTRA 44/93 (EUR 44/44/93, 7 May) - Turkey: fear of torture: Arrested and sent to prison: Teslim Tore, Murat Toprak, Huseyin Bakir, Muazzez Yucel (note corrected name), and new names: Kenan Kalyon, Mustafa Cubuk, Ergun Adakli, Fatma

, Index number: EUR 44/047/1993

On 19 May 1993, all those mentioned above, with the exception of Kudret Cubuk (who was released some days earlier), were brought before Istanbul State Security Court, where 11 were arrested for membership or support of the illegal TKEP, Turkish Communist Labour Party, and were sent to Sagmalcilar Prison to await trial. Ergun Adakli stated that he had not been tortured. But Ahmet Fethi Yildirim, in a report of his detention to Amnesty International, claimed that he and his family and Songul Coskun had been ill-treated, and that Huseyin Bakir, Murat Toprak, Mehmet Ali Ayhan and Cemile Arda had been tortured.

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