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TURKRAN 07/92: Turkey: Death in custody of girl aged 16: Biseng Anik

, Index number: EUR 44/045/1992

This document reports AI's concern at the death in police detention of a 16-year-old school girl, Biseng Anik, who was one of seven girls from her school detained for questioning on 25 March 1992 in Sirnak, southeast Turkey. According to reports, some 100 people, mostly students, were detained in Sirnak in the last week of March in the wake of widespread disturbances on the occasion of Newroz (Kurdish New Year). According to the police, she committed suicide with a rifle she found under the bed in a cell in which she was confined. Her parents and others who saw Biseng's body have stated that her arms and legs, and what remained of her head showed signs of beating and torture. The official cause of death was given as suicide; the autopsy report has not yet been released.

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