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Turkey: Prisoner of conscience / fear of torture / fear for safety: Ekber Kaya, Eren Keskin (f), Mercan Guclu, Ercan Kanar

, Index number: EUR 44/044/1995

Activists of the Human Rights Association (HRA) increasingly face detention by police and threats and harassment by unidentified persons. Ekber Kaya, a member of Tunceli HRA and employee of the local council, was detained on 23 March 1995 in Tunceli. As far as AI is aware, no charges have been brought against him. AI considers him to be a prisoner of conscience and fears that he may be tortured or ill-treated in incommunicado detention. Eren Keskin and other members of the Istanbul HRA are reportedly facing a growing number of attacks and telephoned death threats. AI fears for their safety.

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