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UA 195/94 - Turkey: "disappearance": Havva Tasdemir, Sabiha Tasdemir, Zozan Tekdag, Asiye Banisi, Mehmet Tekdag

, Index number: EUR 44/039/1994

The five people named above have "disappeared" after being detained on 16 May 1994 by gendarmerie in their village of Yukari Duru (Kurdish: Derkam) in Diyarbakir province. According to an eye-witness account, the village was raided during the early hours of 16 May. The soldiers apparently burned the houses, the village school and the schoolteacher's lodge, before taking away the four young women and the shepherd, Mehmet Tekdag. Very intense security force activity has been reported in the area between Bingol, Lice and Diyarbakir with 16 deaths and three "disappearances" of villagers reported since 26 April 1994.

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