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Turkey: The trials of Kurdish writer Edip Polat

, Index number: EUR 44/033/1993

Edip Polat, a Kurdish writer and former biology teacher, is facing imprisonment, having been sentenced to two years for one of his books. He has already been in prison three times, in 1979, 1982 and 1990. His first two imprisonments were on charges of belonging to an illegal organization; he was imprisoned in 1990 on charges relating to a book he had written about conditions in Diyarbakir Military Prison. He has since been on trial for two books he has published since 1990, charged in both cases with "making separatist propaganda". In December 1992 he was convicted in connection with one of the books and sentenced to two years' imprisonment and a fine. An appeal is pending. If imprisoned, AI will consider Edip Polat to be a prisoner of conscience.

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