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Further information on UA 44/93 (EUR 44/12/93, 23 February) - Turkey: possible extrajudical executions (note change of concern): Metin Can, Dr Hasan Kaya

, Index number: EUR 44/020/1993

The bodies of Metin Can and Dr Hasan Kaya were found on 27 February 1993 near the town of Tunceli. Their hands were reportedly bound with wire and their bodies bore marks of torture. Although their shoes were missing, there was no mud on their socks or blood on the ground, suggesting that they were killed elsewhere and brought to this site. Both "disappeared" on 21 February after being called away by telephone. Metin Can had been chairman of the Human Rights Association in Elazig and had apparently received death threats previously. The results of the autopsies on both men have not yet been released.

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