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Turkey: Further information on prisoner of conscience: Osman Murat Ulke

, Index number: EUR 44/012/1997

The trial hearing at the Military Court in Eskisehir on 30 January 1997 was adjourned to 6 March for sentencing. Osman Murat Ulke, who has been transferred to the military prison in Eskisehir, could be sentenced to a maximum of two years' imprisonment. On 18 February 1997 the Military Court of the General Staff in Ankara opened a trial against seven members of the Turkish Human Rights Association and five members, including Osman Murat Ulke, of the banned Izmir War Resisters' Association, on charges of "alienating the public from the institution of military service". This trial was adjourned to 1 April 1997. Amnesty International continues to call for Osman Murat Ulke's immediate and unconditional release as a prisoner of conscience.

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