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Further information on EXTRA 05/93 (EUR 44/04/93, 15 January) - Turkey: fear of torture / "disappearance": Mustafa Metin Yuce (real name: Nedim Koroglu), Salih Sen (real name: Erol Buyukkaraca), Hamdi Genc, Fazil Ahmet Ayar, Orhan Akyol, Erkan Sabri Univa

, Index number: EUR 44/007/1993

Hayriye Daloglu and Salih Ersen Kutukcu, arrested during a police operation against suspected members of the TDKP and its youth wing around 8 January 1993, were released without charge. Erkan Sabri Univar, Aydin Erol, Mehmet Ali Aksoy, Hamdi Genc and Bulent Durmaz were released on 22 January after questioning by the prosecutor at Istanbul State Security Court. The remaining 18 detainees were formally arrested on 22 January and committed to Sagmalcilar Prison awaiting trial. All those now in prison claim that they were severely tortured in incommunicado detention but that the marks of torture were not recorded by doctors who had examined them before they appeared in court. They applied for a second examination, which established that some of the detainees were injured.

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