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Swtizerland: Compiliation of AI documents concerning the alleged ill-treatment by Geneva police: Of 'Visar', a 14-year-old Kosovan refugee: Of 'Didier', a 17-year-old Angolan.

, Index number: EUR 43/001/2002

Amnesty International has received reports from the Canton of Geneva indicating that police officers are unaware of the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and have violated provisions falling under Articles 2 and 37 of the Convention, as well as Geneva’s cantonal legislation with regard to the treatment of children in police custody. The two cases described in this compilation of AI documents - the cases of ‘Visar’, a 14-year-old Kosovan refugee and of ‘Didier’, a 17-year-old Angolan - illustrate AI’s concerns.

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