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Denmark: Police ill-treatment

, Index number: EUR 18/001/1994

AI is concerned about a disturbing pattern of police ill-treatment of those in their custody. This pattern has emerged in two areas of policing: the first has been during demonstrations, particularly those which have become violent; and the second was during a 15-month police operation in 1992/1993 against hashish dealing in Christiania, a community in Copenhagen. This report deals with allegations of police ill-treatment in both of these contexts. The following case histories are included: Christian Poul Andersen; Brian Sorensen, Reinholdt Bjarne Johan Knudsen, Uvdlorianguaq Geisler, Brian Beyer Johnsen, Albert Hatchwell Nielsen, Peter Lucassen, Mads Sjolund, Bent Luchow Poulsen; Benjanmin Christian Schou (now in a persistent vegetative state); "Mrs Andersen" and Berit Fagergard.

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