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Albania: Further information on possible prisoners of conscience

, Index number: EUR 11/019/1996

(1) Sulejman Rrahman Mekollari, Dilaver Ibrahim Dauti, Lirim Servet Veliu, Gani Koro; (2) Elvira Shapllo (f), Vladimir Qiraiaqi, Jani Bardho and Thomas Ngjelo; (3) Sami Meta, Kristaq Mosko, Timoshenko Pekmezi and Tare Isufi: The trial of Sami Meta and his co-defendants (3), charged with "creating anti-constitutional parties and associations in collaboration" is reaching its final stages. The information so far available indicates that they have neither used nor advocated violence. If they are found guilty, Amnesty International will consider them to be prisoners of conscience. Sulejman Rrahman Mekollari and Lirim Servet Veliu, prisoners of conscience, are currently serving their prison sentences.

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