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UA 167/91 - Taiwan: Arrests: Chen Cheng-ran, Liao Wei-cheng, Wang Hsi-hui, Lin Yin-fu

, Index number: ASA 38/007/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: ASA 38/07/91
Distr: UA/SC
UA 167/91 Arrests 14 May 1991
TAIWAN: Chen Cheng-ran
Liao Wei-cheng
Wang Hsi-hui (f)
Lin Yin-fu
On 9 May 1991, the Investigation Bureau arrested four people on charges of
violating the Statute for the Punishment of Sedition by their alleged membership
of the banned Tokyo-based Association for an Independent Taiwan. The four
have apparently met or been in contact with Shih Ming, a Taiwanese in exile
in Japan and previously a member of the Chinese Communist Party, who is said
to be the founder of the Association for an Independent Taiwan. Little is
known about the Association; in recent years it is reported to have been
concerned mainly with publishing articles on Taiwan's political and economic
situation. Shih Ming's 1,500-page book Four Hundred Years of History of the
Taiwan People was banned for a long time by the authorities in Taiwan, but
is said to be now easily available in Taiwan.
The four prisoners are :
Chen Cheng-ran, aged 32, a graduate of sociology from National Taiwan
University and a former student at the University of California in Los Angeles,
USA. He has been collecting documents on the culture and history of Taiwan
and was building a computer database with these documents. Chen Cheng-ran
had been in contact with Shih Ming in connection with this project and books
and manuscripts of Shih Ming as well as correspondence between the two were
found at Chen Cheng-ran's home.
Liao Wei-cheng, aged 25, a graduate of history from National Chengchi
University and currently a postgraduate student of history at Chinghua
University. Liao Wei-cheng is believed to have been working with Chen Cheng-ran
on building the database of information on the history and culture of Taiwan.
Wang Hsi-hui, aged 32, is a graduate from Kainan Commercial School in
Taipei and from a church institute Urban and Rural Mission. A grassroots
activist, Ms Wang is said to be particularly active in the Progressive Women's
League and the Foundation of Political Prisoners in North Taiwan.
Lin Yin-fu, aged 30. A member of the Abi tribe, his aboriginal name is
Masao Nicar. He graduated from Yushan Theological Seminary and was working
at the Presbyterian's Church Fisherman's Service Centre in the southern city
of Kaohsiung. He is a member of the Association for the Advancement of
Aboriginals' Human Rights.
The four are currently held at the Tucheng detention centre near Taipei
and are undergoing interrogation by the prosecution authorities. They have
been allowed to meet defence lawyers.
Amnesty International is seeking further information on the reasons for
the arrest of these four people. It is urging the authorities to release them
if they have been detained solely for the non-violent exercise of their rights
of freedom of expression and association.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Telegrams/telexes/faxes/express and airmail letters:
- requesting information on the reasons for the arrest of Chen Cheng-ran, Liao
Wei-cheng, Wang Hsi-hui and Lin Yin-fu;
- urging that they be released if they have been arrested solely for the
non-violent exercise of their rights of freedom of expression and association.
APPEALS TO: (up to 20 appeals per section)
Mr Lu You-wen
Minister of Justice
Ministry of Justice
130 Chung Ching S Road, sec. 1
Taiwan, Republic of China
Telegrams: Minister of Justice Lu You-wen, Taipei
Taiwan, Republic of China.
Faxes: + 886 2 331 9102
Telexes care of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
telex number: 11299 MOFAROC, marked attention of Minister of Justice.
COPIES TO: Diplomatic representatives of Taiwan (also known as the Republic
of China) if there is one in your country. PLEASE DO NOT SEND COPIES TO
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after 25 June 1991.

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