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Sri Lanka: Fear for safety / fear of torture

, Index number: ASA 37/018/1997

T A D J Thenuwara, L Sunil Perera, M H R Pushpakumara, Mahinda Dias, J A J Jayakody, A W M Mustapha, R Yugathanathan (crew members from the ship Misen); Maulavi J Abdul Rahman, religious leader; A R Nisam Deen, village headman; A S Niros, 13-year-old school pupil; seven students and 29 other villagers of Irakkakandy: There is concern at reports that a number of civilians have been taken prisoner by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and that some of those who have been released were ill-treated in custody. On 1 July nine crew of the Misen ship were taken into LTTE custody for "trespassing within Tamil Eelam's maritime limits" according to a statement issued by the LTTE on 5 July. On 2 July 35 Muslim and four Sinhalese villagers of Irakkakandy, Trincomalee district were taken hostage in return for the release of five members of the LTTE held by the army.

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