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UA 398/92 - Sri Lanka: fear of "disappearance" / unacknowledged detention: Vishwanathan Pathmanathan

, Index number: ASA 37/012/1992

Vishwanathan Pathmanathan, a shop owner aged 38, was arrested on 24 November 1992. He was taken away by army personnel while attending a memorial ceremony for his aunt and was later seen being taken into the Kommathurai Army Camp. Relatives who inquired about him were told that he had been transferred to Batticaloa; however, when they inquired at Batticaloa Prison Camp, they were told that no such person was there. The ICRC and the Human Rights Task Force offices at Batticaloa have also inquired about him but to date no response has been received. Relatives claim that he may have been arrested at the instigation of a person who works closely with the army and who was trying to extort money from Vishwanathan Pathmanathan.

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