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Sri Lanka: Deliberate killings of Muslim and Tamil villagers in Polonnaruwa

, Index number: ASA 37/010/1992

Amnesty International is concerned by reports of killings of Muslim and Tamil civilians, including women, children and old people, in eastern Sri Lanka in a series of attacks and retaliations by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and Muslim home guards and other security force personnel. On 29 April 1992, the LTTE attacked the Muslim village of Alanchipothana, killing at least 54 people. Several hours later, more than 80 Tamil villagers from Muthugal and Karapola were attacked and killed by Muslim home guards, allegedly accompanied by members of the security forces; further "disappearances" and killings of Tamil civilians have been reported from the area. AI is calling on the government to make public the results of an inquiry into these incidents.

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