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Sri Lanka: New emergency regulations

, Index number: ASA 37/004/1994

This report is concerned with certain aspects of the new emergency regulations issued in June 1993 which relate to AI's main concerns in Sri Lanka, particularly those regulations governing arrest and detention and governing post-mortems and inquests where deaths have occurred in custody or as a result of the official action of security forces. AI welcomes the prohibition of secret detention and the publication of a list of authorized detention places. However the regulations still provide for indefinite preventive detention on renewable orders and also for detention in conditions which AI regards as conducive to torture. Other concerns discussed here are detention for rehabilitation; detention of people who surrender; changes to post-mortem and inquest procedures; and impunity for human rights violators. AI is also concerned about regulations promulgated in December 1993 requiring the registration of NGOs and the monitoring of their income and expenditure.

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