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Further information on UA 133/94 (ASA 35/04/94, 31 March) - Philippines: fear of "disappearance" / fear of ill-treatment: Wilfredo (Fred) Sibayan

, Index number: ASA 35/005/1994

Wilfredo Sibayan was released on 17 April 1994.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: ASA 35/05/94
Distr: UA/SC
28 April 1994
Further information on UA 133/94 (ASA 35/04/94, 31 March 1994) - Fear of
"disappearance"/fear of ill-treatment
PHILIPPINES: Wilfredo (Fred) Sibayan, aged 40, human rights worker
Wilfredo Sibayan was released on 17 April 1994.
Amnesty International has learned that Wilfredo Sibayan was held in
incommunicado detention between 28 March and 2 April 1994. On 31 March Amnesty
International expressed concern that Wilfredo Sibayan was in danger of
ill-treatment, and possibly of being "disappeared". It urged the Philippine
authorities to immediately guarantee his safety and well-being.
Wilfredo Sibayan was abducted by plainclothes military men on 28 March 1994
in the Manila area. He was taken first to a police station at San Mateo and
then to a military detachment in the Makati district of Manila. On 30 March
he was allegedly transferred to Camp Aquino, San Miguel, Tarlac province.
Throughout this period he was refused permission to see a lawyer and was
continuously interrogated by intelligence officials.
Amnesty International has now learned that on 31 March a team of non-governmental
human rights workers, accompanied by a human rights lawyer and relatives of
Wilfredo, travelled to Camp Aquino. Upon arrival they were informed that he
had been transferred to a military camp at Bangued, Abra province. On 2 April,
Wilfredo's family went to Bangued, where his wife, Mila, was also detained
by intelligence officers of the Philippine army.
On 4 April Wilfredo was again transferred, to Camp Dangwa in Baguio City.
A court ordered the release of Wilfredo Sibayan and his wife after the legality
of their detention was challenged by human rights lawyers and he was set free
on 17 April 1994.
No further action is required on this case. Thank you to all those who sent
appeals on Wilfredo Sibayan's behalf.

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