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Pakistan: "Disappearance" of customs inspector Allah Rakhio

, Index number: ASA 33/002/1993

Allah Rakhio, a customs inspector aged about 35, was arrested on 18 November 1991 by the Qasim Rangers, a paramilitary force under the command of the army. The reasons for his arrest are not known. When his family contacted them, the army at first denied he was in their custody, then over the next two days, they acknowledged his detention, but claimed to have released him, although the hour of his release changed several times. His family filed a petition in the High Court of Sindh challenging his detention. The High Court accepted the Rangers' testimony that he had been released, but expressed concern about the case and urged for there to be an investigation. No such investigation has taken place. His family believe that he is alive and still in the custody of the army.

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