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UA 99/94 - Pakistan: fear for safety: attacks against members of the Ahmadiyya community in Lahore

, Index number: ASA 33/001/1994

There is concern that the Pakistan authorities are failing to protect the lives and physical safety of the Ahmadiyya community in Lahore, after at least 13 attacks against individual Ahmadis by armed men in the past four months. The identity of the attackers remains unclear, but they are believed to be members of an armed islamist group. Attacks include the beating of two Ahmadis, who were then taken to the police station, where police failed to take action against the perpetrators, but registered a case against the victims. On 2 February 1994, Rana Riaz Ahmad was shot dead by men identified by his family, and on 6 February, Ahmad Nasrullah, son of the Ameer (leader) of the Ahmadiyya community, was found dead. Police have failed to investigate properly either death.

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