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Nepal: Fear for safety/possible "disappearance"

, Index number: ASA 31/101/2003

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Hom Prasad Gautam (m), aged 26, security guard, Keshav Chaulagain (m), aged 26, security guard, Umesh Subedi (m), aged 21, student, Pushkar Subedi (m), aged 22, student, Kumar Prasad Pant (m), aged 23, officer worker, Tej Prasad Gautam (m), aged 19, office worke, Dev Bahadur Maharjan (m), aged 30, teacher, Shankar Nepali (m), aged 43, tailor, Deependra Karki (m),aged 20, tailor, Shyam Nepali (m), aged 21, tailor, who were reportedly arrested by members of the security forces between 31August and 1 December. Their whereabouts are unknown.

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