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Republic of Maldives: possible prisoners of conscience / health concern: Ahamed Shafeeq, Ali Moosa Didi

, Index number: ASA 29/002/1995

Ahamed Shafeeq, a 67-year-old writer and former senior civil servant, and Ali Moosa Didi, a writer and politician, were arrested on 21 April 1995. It is believed they may be prisoners of conscience and there is serious concern for their health. Ahamed Shafeeq is said to be an asthma sufferer and to have a lung infection. He is also believed to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He has had to be hospitalized on several occasions and is believed to have breathing difficulties. Ali Moosa Didi is reported to be in a hospital in Madras, where he is still under police custody. There is no information about his state of health.

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