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Further information on UA 289/94 (ASA 28/06/94, 3 August and follow-up ASA 28/07/94, 5 September) - Malaysia: arrests and harassment of Islamic followers: Khadija Aam, Ashaari Muhammad, Mubaraka Muhammad, Soad Sulayman and new names: Hasan Mokhtar, Khaire

, Index number: ASA 28/008/1994

Ashaari Muhammad, leader of the Islamic sect Al Arqam, Khadija Aam, his wife, Mubaraka Muhammad, their six-month-old daughter and Soad Sulayman, a spokesperson for Al Arqam, were released on 28 October 1994. Their release followed Ashaari Muhammad's appearance on television to recant his "deviationist" religious beliefs. The freedom to travel of Ashaari Muhammad and his wife is restricted. The leaders of Al Arqam disbanded the organization on 31 October. Two other followers, Hasan Mokhtar, Supreme Council secretary and Khairel Anuar Ujang, legal director, remain in detention.

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