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Further information on UA 289/94 (ASA 28/06/94, 3 August) - Malaysia: arrests and harassment of Islamic followers: Khadija Aam, Ashaari Muhammad, Mubaraka Muhammad, Soad Sulayman

, Index number: ASA 28/007/1994

On 2 September 1994 the above-named individuals were arrested in Thailand and handed over to the Malaysian authorities. Ashaari Muhammad is the leader of the Islamic sect Al Arqam. He is being held with his wife, their six month old daughter, and Soad Sulayman, a spokesperson for Al Arqam. They are now being detained under the 1960 Internal Security Act. It is not known where they are being detained and they are reportedly being held incommunicado. It is believed they may be prisoners of conscience, held solely for the peaceful expression of their religious beliefs.

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