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Further information on EXTRA 08/94 (ASA 27/01/94, 11 February) - Macao: death penalty: Antonio Ti Luo, Yeung Yuk-leung (new name)

, Index number: ASA 27/002/1994

The Macao Supreme Court, at a hearing on 1 March, denied the People's Republic of China's request for the extradition of Antonio Ti Luo, an ethnic Chinese national of Bolivia. However the same court accepted in principle the extradition to China of Yeung Yuk-leung, a Hong Kong resident, who faces investigation for the murder of a woman in Guangdong province in 1990. There is concern that he may not be able to present an adequate defence and obtain a fair trial, and may face the death penalty. His case will be considered by the Macao authorities within the next five days.

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