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Macao: Strengthening human rights safeguards. Memorandum from Amnesty International to the Basic Law Drafting Committee

, Index number: ASA 27/001/1991

This memorandum highlights Amnesty International's concerns about the Draft Basic Baw proposed to be implemented in the Macao SAR when the People's Republic of China resumes control over the territory on 20 December 1999. It examines selected provisions of the Draft Basic Law which appear to be incompatible with international human rights standards and makes recommendations for amendments to these provisions. AI's particular concerns are: the continued application of the ICCPR in the Macao SAR; the provision of effective guarantees against torture and other cruel treatment; the right to life; the right to a fair trial; safeguards against imprisonment of prisoners of conscience and the retention of rights non- derogable under the ICCPR during any declared state of emergency.

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