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Lao People's Democratic Republic: Political prisoners still held

, Index number: ASA 26/004/1991

Whilst Amnesty International welcomes the release in May 1991 of 24 long- term political prisoners, the organization remains concerned that nine other political prisoners, including at least two prisoners of conscience, are still restricted without charge or trial in the Sop Pan Area, Houa Phanh province. They are: Khamphan Pradith, Thuck Chokbengboun, Boonlu Nammathao, Ly Teng, Pangtong Chokbengboun, Phanh Nola, Tong Pao Song, Yong Ye Thao and a man named Sing with surname Rattanbounkhong of Chanthakoummane. Several are elderly and/or in poor health. Three prisoners of conscience continue to be detained without charge or trial in Vientiane. They are: Latsami Khamphoui, Thongsouk Saysangkhi and Feng Sakchittaphong, all former government officials and intellectuals.

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