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Further information on UA 232/93 (ASA 25/27/93, 15 July) - Republic of Korea (South Korea): fear of ill-treatment / legal concern: Noh Tae-hun

, Index number: ASA 25/028/1993

Since his arrest on 15 July 1993, Noh Tae-hun has been subjected to excessive and exhausting interrogation. There is concern that undue pressure may be exerted on him to make a confession, and that he is not being allowed to exercise his right to remain silent. Although his lawyers have been given access to him for a short 15-minute period each day, they are not permitted complete confidentiality during their meetings with him, and have themselves been threatened and abused by police officials. He is reportedly being questioned in relation to his association with former long-term political prisoners, part of his legitimate human rights work, and is therefore believed to be a prisoner of conscience

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