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South Korea: Concern about the treatment of alleged spies

, Index number: ASA 25/024/1992

AI is concerned about the treatment of 58-year-old Kim Nak-jung, arrested on 25 August 1992 with his wife and daughters on charges of spying for North Korea. They were allegedly arrested without a warrant by the ANSP and held incommunicado for 10 days. His wife and daughters were released on 3 September. Lawyers who saw Kim Nak-jung on 7 September reported that he had been beaten and deprived of sleep. Three other men were arrested for alleged espionage on 27 August 1992 and are currently held by the ANSP. They are: Shim Keum-sup, aged 58, Kwon Du-young, 64, and Noh Jong-sun, 53. They were reportedly also arrested without warrants and beaten and deprived of sleep. They are associated with the Research Group for Peaceful Reunification, founded by Kim Nak-jung in 1991.

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