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South Korea: Amnesty International urges ratification of the UN Convention against Torture

, Index number: ASA 25/015/1993

This document explains why AI is urging the Government of South Korea to to ratify the UN Convention against Torture. It cites cases of alleged torture by security agencies of concern to AI. These are: Kim Nak-jung, Chun Hee-sik, Song Hae-suk and Noh Jung-son, all allegedly tortured or ill-treated in ANSP custody; Pae Choon-il, Kim Sang-chol and Lee Jong-chon, allegedly tortured by police; 25 prisoners sentenced to long prison terms on the basis of confessions allegedly made under torture, including: Ham Ju-myong, Hwang Tae-kwon, Park Dong-oon. AI is also concerned that complaints of torture do not appear to be adequately investigated, as in the cases of Park No-hae, Hong Song-dam and Pang Yang-kyun.

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