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South Korea: Torture and ill-treatment

, Index number: ASA 25/014/1991

Allegations of torture and ill-treatment of some political and other prisoners in South Korea are reported here. Several members of the Sanomaeng (Socialist Workers League) have claimed ill-treatment following arrest in September/October 1990. Lee Song-su and Hyon Yon-dok reportedly told their lawyers that they had been beaten and deprived of sleep respectively. The alleged leader of Sanomaeng, Park Ki-pyong, arrested in March 1991, has also claimed that he was beaten and denied sleep during interrogation and Chang O-yong, Chon In-jyon, Kim Ok-jyon and Chong Mi-hwa have also alleged ill-treatment. Kim Yo-sop, Cho Won-guk, Kim Gi-su, Kim Dong-kyu and Huh Jung-sook (a woman), members of Chamintong (Independent National Unification Group) have alleged ill-treatment.

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