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Kingdom of Cambodia: Srun Vong Vannak, Prum Mean Rith, Sos Kasem: Victims of injustice

, Index number: ASA 23/016/1998

Amnesty International believes that Srun Vong Vannak, former chief of security for the Khmer Nation Party (KNP), and currently serving a 13 year prison sentence following conviction for murder, is a prisoner of conscience, detained solely for his peaceful political affiliation, and wrongly convicted on politically motivated criminal charges. Two men convicted with him, Prum Mean Rith and Sos Kasem, are suffering from serious medical conditions which require medical treatment not available in the prison. Both men gave evidence against Srun Vong Vannak at his trial but have since retracted their confessions, which they claim were made under duress while in incommunicado detention.

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