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Indonesia/East Timor: Fear for safety / arbitrary arrests / unlawful killings

, Index number: ASA 21/106/1998

Etelvina Maria Diaz, 20, [f], Vicentinha Fernandez, 22, [f] (previously referred to as Atina), Marcal Abel, Marcelino Alves, Alexio Diaz, Longuinhos Xavier, Filipe Fernandes and four others whose names are not know are reported to be in police custody in Dili. Marcal, Alexio, Taitudak, Deulindo, Domingos Pereira, Berikiak, Adriano, Duarte, Manuel Dias, Jose da Silva, Alexandriano, Florindo de Andrade, Patricio and Filipe were laso arrested but some are now known to have been released.Samuel da Costa, Otavio da Costa and Salvador da Costa are in an unknown place of detention. The International Committee of the Red Cross has now been allowed into the area of Alas to investigate reports of extra-judicial executions and arrests

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